N[ART] : narcolepsy art

make art. advocate sleep.

The idea for the N[ART] project was born in March 1999, one month after Laura J. Evert left her last professional job and reluctantly filed for disability (ssdi). Even though narcolepsy has prevented her from maintaining substantial employment in the traditional sense, she knew there was still an important and special way to contribute to the world and share of herself. 

Through her work serving on the Narcolepsy Network Board of Trustees and writing for their Newsletter, she met more and  more people with narcolepsy that communicated their experience beautifully through artwork and writings. Laura started collecting their work and knew she had to find a way to share it. So, completely unsure if she could actually pull it off, she started to plan a show to take place at the Narcolepsy Network Conference later that same year. Luckily, the exhibition was a big hit and touched a lot of people and so N[ART] had begun.

N[ART] is meant to be a free-spirited project that can strengthen social support and connectedness among those with narcolepsy through shared experience while also encouraging sleep advocacy and expanding awareness to the general public. (In 1999, the hotel staff took a look at our art show and seemed very engaged. Mission accomplished!)

The ideas for artwork are endless and we hope you will be inspired to make something yourself to share in the future. Just take a deep breath and take that chance. Your ideas and work will encourage others in understanding narcolepsy and the importance of sleep. 

Whatever your artwork may be, join in by sharing and make a difference! You need not be a distinguished artist, poet, or writer to share your work. You have something important to contribute by just being a person with narcolepsy. Let us see what you have created!

Join us at www.facebook.com/groups/narcolepsyart +/OR at our page www.facebook.com/narcolepsyart !

Laura's 2013 talk, FEAR NO ART: Dream Sleep and Creativity (an N Story about N[ART]), at the Narcolepsy Network Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.